Change Agent 2013

I have a wonderful friend with a love of “Modern Motivation Literature” (previously known as Self Help Books) who read an interesting piece about “campaigns” – small areas of your life that you make the time to work on during your week. This month has brought me two campaigns.

The first – Runtober – probably another blog post all of its own – basic concept: Run every day for the rest of October. I’m getting fit, it’s great.

The second – Wholesale Changes 2013

2013 has been a restless year and brought about wholesale changes for many people I know, and Wholesale Changes has hit our family too.

It has just been announced: at the end of the year we pack up our house, jobs and family into the seven seater people mover and head North. It’s scary, we have no job, no home and no real plan, but it is exciting. We are looking forward to normal hours and a new phase in our lives.

People have asked why – we have many reasons: family in Auckland, a significant anniversary, the desire to upskill and expand our repertoire, and the winds of change. It’s just time. Time to go home.

We are standing in a field of infinite possibilities; and when you stand in the middle of a field you can go in any direction. So we will.



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