Our house is in official “Open Home” mode – and so the greyhound, budgie and children have been farmed out to various other (loving) homes. I’m missing the budgie and dog, but in over seven years I have never woken up alone in my own home, or had any more than 17 hours away from the kids.

So, it’s now day 4 of an 8 day stint and suffice to say, it has thrown up some interesting revelations about my life without children:

1. I eat out more

2. I eat less

3. I exercise more

4. I still clean and tidy but;

5. My house is immaculate.

6. I am not a bad housekeeper.

7. There’s no timetable to stick to

8. Errands take a tenth of the time

9. The house is silent

10. I wouldn’t swap my kids, the mess and the chaos for all the clean and tidy and calm in the world.

11. I’d like them home now.



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