An extra tight hug

Today I am going to a funeral in the city, and on Saturday a friend of mine is going to another.

Both funerals are for women 39 years old. Both mothers of school aged children. Both wives, sisters, Aunts, friends.

They were both robbed of time we all expect we should have by bodies that failed them. Time. What we expect we will have and to see our kids blossom into adults, time to grow old with our spouse, time to live out those plans for a holiday, career goals, get that forever house.

Their bodies failed them.

Be extremely grateful for the one you’ve got – dimply thighs, saggy tummy, flappy arm flaws and all – because you are blessed to have one that works. Who cares that your thighs aren’t the thighs of a model in a sports catalogue? If they can carry the three year old who won’t walk home and take you huffing and puffing to the top of the tallest hill. And that double chin? You get that double when you laugh a real belly laugh.  And your heart keeps beating which gives you the strength every day to throw your arms around the people you love and give them a hug. Today, you can make that hug an extra tight one,



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