Breaking Big Bad Brother Banshees (and other band wagons)

We are a bit slow on the uptake, but we have finally gotten onto the Breaking Bad band wagon. Season 1 down and it’s looking good. I am realiably informed to hang in there because it “gets better” – they know, because they’ve seen it, and joined the mass world wide collective breath holding that was the apparently “incredibly mind blowing, most amazing finale ever” series finale a couple of months ago. So we are playing catch up, which is very very good – but not quite the same as being a part of something as it happens with the rest of the world alongside you. Add in a common Twitter hashtag, and you have the modern day equivalent of the family sitting around the radio listening to whatever they listened to on the wireless in the olden days. (Rugby? News? Drama?)

Modern technology does rather steal the fun of the shared experience. The other new show we have started watching and are enjoying immensely is Banshee. An Alan Ball creation, starring NZs own Antony Starr, it’s dark, funny and gritty – it is really, really excellent and equally unheard of. You would expect it to have been a bigger deal, especially given the kiwi connection, but it screened in the US (and therefore streamed online), was first shown on Soho (Sky TV’s premiere channel, available at an extra cost per month on top of your pay TV bill) and I don’t even know if it has screened since on free-to-air. And with very little fanfare considering how good it is. We were just lucky enough to happen upon the DVD box set.

Between online options for TV viewing, and premium prices for the best shows, it takes a while for the ‘regular Joe’ to get there, and by that stage, like us watching Breaking Bad and being told to “wait till gets really good”, you’ve missed the something special that comes with the Shared Experience.

Having never been a fan of Reality TV shows I think I get it – they are the last bastion of ‘live’. The “see it here and now or miss out” experience. Tonight’s New Zealand’s Got Talent even had a neatly staged Twitter feed running under each act which was intro’d with their own unique Twitter hashtag. Ads for the newest Big Brother Australia have been playing heavily today, and I have to admit, the retro early 2000s throwback now has appeal that it didn’t back then. People, story lines, Live, maybe even a blond girl in a bunny onesie that you can watch and discover with everyone else without having the ending blown. Might be worth a look.

But if that’s not your thing, then Banshee Season 2 is about to be launched – and that’s the teaser for it attached to this post. It’s good, in fact, it’s better than good – well worth sharing with a friend or two. Maybe even a hashtag.


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