Last Things

We have been out of communication for the last week as we packed up our beautiful Karori house and have been camping in an internet-free, 3G-intermittent house a few blocks away.

When tackling our newest adventure (return home, new jobs, new life) we gave it mammoth amounts of thought and consideration – the where, when, how and who. We weighed up pros and cons, plotted our 50 year plans and tried to crystal ball our futures. It was calculated and we are solid in the belief we are making the right decision for our family.

I didn’t calculate the Goodbyes.

They aren’t easy, as it transpires.

Today is my last day at work in the city, and I am trying to soak all of Wellington in. The quirky, the crazy, the beauty – because I will miss it. Wellington has it’s own set of rules and it will be strange to leave them behind and return to the more egalitarian North.

I snapped this on my way into work this morning, it incorporates some of my favourite things in the one image – the history, the bush, the hills, the city.


Wellington looking down from the Kelburn end of Dixon Street


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