The turning tide

We are definitely missing the summer here, in little old Auckland. We were all promised a long, hot one – but instead have been gifted greyish skies and persistent winds. So much for escaping Wellington in time for the good stuff!

My prediction is that just as the kids go back to school the weather will 180 and February will be a stunner.

We have been in Change Denial over the Christmas period but yesterday was the day we would have returned to our old life. Dave should have been back at work and we should have been ordering coffee with friends at the Karori Library cafe and settling back in to Friend St. It feels a bit like a Dr Who episode and some sort of parallel existence.

It feels good though. There’s no manual for making big decisions and life changes, but if it did it would absolutely include the ever-present ups and downs. I figure so long as the ups outweigh the downs we are winning – and given the run around we are getting from a shifty real estate agent… That’s a good result!

Two weeks still school starts, two weeks till a bunch of job ad applications close… 2014 should hit full flight some time around mid-Feb.

In the meantime – here is reason #237 it’s time I went back to work:

Food Art



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