From Wellington to Hamilton via Auckland

You won’t find me posting much on social media right now except for a small, private Instagram account because we have been very much ‘heads down’ for the past three months.

December 6, 2013 we packed up our life in Karori into rather large boxes and shoved it into a truck, where it sat at Auckland Airport waiting for us to find a life again.  We had a very, very quiet Christmas that didn’t include a lot of socialising – just family time and a bit of house hunting.  We were regrouping, catching up on sleep, and learning what life was like with each other around.

Since then, we found a 700m2 part of Hamilton in the school zone we were wanting, and moved in on the last day of January just before school started. We are living in a fully insulated, 8 year old, brick and tile house in a street where all the houses look the same. The roads are flat with a cycle lane on the left, and the footpaths are concrete and wide. The kids go to a school with a uniform, where, like the houses, the kids all look mostly the same. Our cats have found their place in the local cat hierarchy, the bird has settled on its new perch.  The kids are in their rooms, our boarder has moved into hers. Cleo isn’t with us. Her absence is felt, but it was a decision made “for the best” and so be it. I can’t help thinking she’d be loving a bed in the corner of the lounge and sleeping in her crate in the garage.

We are searching for work. In fact, I’m breaking my posting silence so I can practice typing ahead of an interview with a temping agency shortly. I did a year of temping while I was waiting to get my first break in Radio, back in 2003, and over a decade later I never thought I’d ever return to it, but am quite excited about the concept. At 20, I was desperate for a full time radio job and a place to ‘belong’. Now, I would sign a full-time contract with trepidation – how would it effect the kids? What would I miss out on? How do we juggle school holidays? Would they miss me? Not that I wouldn’t go full time – but Dave would have to stay home to compensate. It might still happen.

It’s a strange world. In the three weeks we have been here I’ve seen my family on more occasions than I did all of last year. And I feel happy because of it. I miss my friends. I don’t have any here. It’ll come. Back in Wellington my friends were ones that I had made through a series of huge life events. I wonder if I will ever know someone as well as I do the two who had their first and second children at exactly the same time as I had mine. I won’t ever know anyone else in that singular moment of mutual adjustment, emotion and particular brand of suffering. But friends are made. They will be. My eldest was so pleased today to announce her new friend was a proper Best Friend, and not just a Hamilton bestie.  That felt great.

So, with that, I need to find my makeup from somewhere near where the Bathroom box was emptied out into, and pick something appropriately Corporate Casual but also not too hot, because the day is set to be a cracker. I guess this has been more of a diary entry and perhaps not much of a useful update – that’s because this is a post written from limbo – which for us is somewhere from Wellington to Hamilton via Auckland.



3 thoughts on “From Wellington to Hamilton via Auckland

    • Yay! So nice to hear from you. Have been thinking of you and wondering how the move and start of the year is going. Miss you guys but glad to hear you are all well. It does take time to adjust to any change and sounds like you are doing pretty well. Your true friends will always remain but by stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourselves, you now open yourself to new friendships, experiences and opportunities. Good luck and enjoy! M xox

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