Why Game of Thrones made me sick to my stomach

I love grizzly drama and TV shows like Banshee and Game of Thrones but being of a squeamish disposition I tend to get through really raw bits by stepping out of the show and analyzing production techniques, make up, special effects etc. “This isn’t actually real,” I tell myself. 

So when we caught up on last night’s episode of Game of Thrones I couldn’t draw myself away from the scene involving a particular character who has been tortured beyond all sense of self. So much so, he no longer recognises himself nor responds to his own name. And while Game of Throne is obviously not real, set in some cross between a medieval and fantasy world, this far-fetched character rang true with a news article I skimmed across in the Waikato Times that morning.

When pairing the news with the drama on screen that once seemed to far-fetched it made the torture, the breaking, the loss of identity of once were strong men, humans, just sickening. 

How the man on the right, Reza Soleimani, was transformed to the man on the left, “GDD049” is sickening.


Australia might be our closest neighbour here in NZ but there is quite clearly more than just miles of ocean separating us, and for that, I am glad. It is so much worse when it is so close to home, and it’s simply not good enough, Australia.



One thought on “Why Game of Thrones made me sick to my stomach

  1. Please don’t put us all in the category of our disgusting government. We are not all as heartless and cruel as our supposedly christian Prime Minister and his sidekicks. Tens of thousands of Australians are appalled and heartsick at the treatment of these poor people and wish we could change this treatment as quickly as possible………we are trying.

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