We are all the losers.

We are four + weeks out from the election and it is a mess. The stable, reasonably unexciting NZ political landscape is awash with uncertainty, lies, deviousness, bias and general murk and muck. It’s been hashtagged “Dirty Politics” but that’s somewhat of an understatement. It’s grubbier and messier than that and no one looks clean. For what? And for whom? It really doesn’t look like the controversy is being lead by any of the main players. Rather, it’s being run by anonymous backroom people with lots of money, plenty of vendetta and personal motive.

There has been lots of talk about the winners and the losers. Who’s won that interview, who wins twitter, who wins the blog post, who wins the blog post comments, who can spit out the wittiest yet most acerbic retort, who wins the right to be right.

And yuou know what? No one. No one is winning. But there will be plenty of losers – 4 million-odd NZers stuck with the results of this “politicking” which seems a lot like someone treating the NZ government as a House of Cards style video game. We will continue to have to live in the country, piecing together what skerrick of credibility and trust we have left when the game is over. We lose. And our children lose more.



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