In Our Backyard

Injustice is:

Parents in paid employment who still can’t make ends meet.

Children sent to school without lunch.

Children missing out on school because there’s no food for lunch.

Parents going without so their children can eat.

Parents trying to feed a family of seven for $120 a week.

Kids sent to bed as a diversion from the lack of food.

Sickness from a lack of nutrition.

Failure to learn from a lack of nutrition.

Never achieving your potential over something you had no control over in the first place.


Children who come from homes that don’t have enough food aren’t just disadvantaged today and tomorrow. If they are too hungry to learn they are disadvantaged for life.  All children need to be nourished. Mind and body. It is our responsibility. Hungry children are our responsibility.


Video links:

Nigel Latta on inequality

Campbell Live on empty fridges and empty lunchboxes

TVNZ’s Sunday on the need for Feed the Need


People who help:


Feed the Need

Rhode Street School, Hamilton

(feel free to share any other relevant links below)



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