Putting a cork in it

It’s been a while since my last blog, and that’s not because there’s been nothing going on, but there’s been everything going on so there’s been no blogging.

I didn’t want to sound whingy, put up too many poor me posts, or just generally be tragic, so it was better to say nothing. Here’s a synopsis of the events from the last five weeks: Emily broke her arm and ended up in hospital and had to have an operation to pin it in place, we discovered a leak from the bathroom of our house and as it is still in warranty when we found it we have been dealing with the building company to fix it up, a chest infection (Emily), asthma (Emily, a viral throat infection (Joseph), bacterial throat infection (Sophie), short sightedness and glasses to combat this (Sophie), a myriad of teeth problems commencing orthodontics at age 8 (Sophie) and several follow up visits to the hospitals for x-rays and cast changes (Emily, again). Just a few things, and a drained savings account.

And then there was something else running concurrently to all of this, a much more personal journey.

If you knew me you’d have known I like wine. Just a bit. And just a bit too much. Not in a “vodka bottle hidden in a brown paper bag under the motorway” kind of way – more of a “it’s been a hellishly long day with the kids, so let’s crack a bottle at the end of it” way, but the alcohol and its after effects was becoming unwelcome. So, for the last 37 days I’ve not had any. And I’m not going to. Being wine-free has been a truly interesting roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs and self discovery; while coming to terms with putting a cork in it for good.

The upshot is I am sleeping brilliantly, my skin is clearer, I have buckets more energy, the weight’s falling off and I’m generally happier. I also have lowered stress levels and higher levels of patience, which after the events of the last five weeks I needed in spades – I firmly believe in timing and that things happen when they’re meant to.

Life is hectic, hurtling towards the end of year with Christmas on the horizon. It’s a crazy time, but it’s good. Life is good. Nothing to whinge about here. xx



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