There are so many new media around that it is hard to define it with any one word. Our language hasn’t evolved as fast as technology. Radio has been at the leading edge of new technologies – early adopters and leading the way in something that changes so rapidly and I wondered what it was about this traditional technology that made it so adaptable. And when I stepped back it became clear – it’s about engaging, packaging and presenting. No matter what facet of radio (or new/social media) you take to you will inevitably do the same thing – the process of engaging, the only thing that changes is the form of delivery. It looks a bit like this:

1. Listening

2. Identifying

3. Preparing

4. Presenting

5. Listening again

6. Responding

with warmth, humour, positivity, energy, enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter where the message comes from – client, story, news source, pr blurb, life – or where it’s going – print, web, social media, news bulletin or personality piece – the process is still the same. Find your message and repackage it for your medium.

Simple, really.


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