The has been a less than perfect Christmas for me this year as a change of jobs has meant a change in the usual routine for my husband – and I’ve been at home looking after the kids while he works more than his usual working week in hours.

It’s been miserable to be honest – I’m not a good housewife, I prefer to be busy, get out and about to the gym and my own work and I happily send my kids off to school daily to get educated. I’m bored, restless, glum and irritated by my kids behaviour and inability to cooperate. To make matters worse – they’re conspiring to ruin every outing as they really would rather be at home running amok. Fun for them. Boring for me.

Anyway, that’s my pity party but I read a blog this week that introduced me to the wise concept of “Perspectacles” and that was a timely kick up the butt to change the eyes of the wearer and not the view. (Brilliant post, by the way, and well worth a read.) So with my Perspectacles firmly on here is my view:

I have a roof over my head – a comfy, warm roof even with lots of windows to open to let the summer air through.

I have a gorgeous husband who loves me and provides for his family by having a in to go to. In fact, I’m really proud of him in his new role as he blazes trails.

We have a house full of kids activities and fun. It has a trampoline, swing set and pool.

We have a house full of kids – sometimes not all of them are mine either – we seem to collect others along the way.

We have a pantry full of food to feed the masses. Ever depleting but we have the money to restock it too.

We have pets – cuddly, warm, fun furry ones.

My kids are noisy but they’re laughing (for now).

I have a car full of petrol ready to go at any moment (if I’m allowed out).

The crumbs and dishes on the bench and trail of stuff all through the house is the sign of a house full of people choosing to be here. Like the sleeping bag filled with soft toys that’s just been dragged into the room.

I am Mum (“MUM! MUUUM! Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! And MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!”). I constantly interrupted because they love me and want my attention. Like right now where they have literally jumped on me while I’m trying to type. (“Can’t ignore us Mum if we’re SITTING ON YOU!)

I have to constantly yell my three to listen to me because they love their own company so much they can’t stop playing to give me attention.

It’s a house full of noise, laughter, emotions, joy and hilarity because it is a house full of love and I am so blessed. ❤️

Scenes from this morning’s chaos:





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