I Quit Sugar Too

Jumping onto the sugar bandwagon some days I feel like I am going for the Most Boring Person in the Room Award.

The big thing in my life was saying goodbye to alcohol last October. In return I found this new lease on life – a new energy, full of vim, vigour and a Dali landscape of emotions. The early ‘recovery’ days were hard and I found the 3 D’s necessary – Delay (give it a few more minutes), Drink (water) and Distract (consider yourself the boozed up equivalent of a toddler who wants to play with the only breakable thing in the room and nothing else – find something shinier) so this was the hole in my life filled with sweet junk.

Did I eat a lot of sugar? Well, yes.  There’s a theory that alcoholic beverages are all sugar and that actually that craving for a drink is a sugar craving.  Regardless, I replaced wine with cheesecake.

Friday night we’d head past the supermarket for a Signature Range strawberry number – the best value at around $5 for a whole one.  Sometimes we’d go for a fancier brand  – if it was on special. We’d send the kids to bed then sit down, share out even slices to each other – my husband and I would finish off our first slice with delicious glee. We’d then examine the remaining half and, with a glint in our eyes, tussle with the idea of having another piece. We always had that second generous helping and there was never any left over. We polished off the entire 6 serving packet in one sitting in the same way we’d polish off a bottle of wine. It became our thing.

It wasn’t long before the benefit of eliminating alcohol was dwarfed by the over-consumption of sugar. Lethargy and a general malaise set in, so it was time to break up with the sweet stuff.  Gone were all the high sugar foods (but I did keep small servings of tomato sauce, bread, those sort of foods) and in came sugar free chocolate, giant mugs of peppermint tea and cheese.

After about 6 weeks I fell off the sugar wagon. It was a spectacular fall into a plate of Lemon Curd slice, Dark Chocolate slice, topped off with a macaroon. After the initial high I was stunned at how quickly it made me feel sluggish again. It was a good jolt to the system and since that fated lunch I have been far more resolute in my sugar free life.

As I said at the start, yes, it makes me a contender for Queens Services to Missing Out on Fun stuff, but where I have lost chocolate cake and pinot I have replaced it with a sharp mind, clear skin and a day full of energy – a life full of excitement and opportunity. Cheerful in. Cheesecake Out.



2 thoughts on “I Quit Sugar Too

  1. just stumbled upon a documentary called ‘Sugar Coated’ that was really eye opening as to how terrible sugar truly is for the body! Definitely has me considering eliminating it from my diet as well. Congrats on the having the determination to do so, inspiring read!

    • Hi, yes, it’s amazing how much info there is out there about it – we just have to go looking for it! I know I was very head in the sand about it before I embarked on this journey! I would really recommend it. There isn’t anything to lose.. oh except maybe weight. I’ve dropped 7kg in about three months and I have had a lot of cheese in that time! All the best!

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