It’s a change of pace, but I’ve gone from tutor to student. Actually, it’s really exciting.  After a whole lot of soul searching, weighing up options, future and life I have decided to realise my dream of becoming a real estate agent. Honestly. I love open homes, love presenting houses for sale, love marketing, love looking at houses, and was always of envious of working agents. So I figured, why not me? Did some research, faced my fears and have taken the plunge. I’ve signed up with a local agency with a very cool backstory, and signed on to the Real Estate Certificate through the Open Polytech. It’s broken into three parts, I completed the first third within a week of the course enrolment date. Fair to say, I’m focused. The second third opens up on Monday and I’m chomping at the bit to get started.

After being on both sides of the tertiary fence I’ve come up with these tips for being successful:

* Study something you love. It’s much easier.

* Read the course material thoroughly and figure out how you will be assessed.

* Work solidly. When you’re on a roll keep going.

* If you’re not on a roll, schedule time and keep the forward momentum, sit down for 30 minutes a day.

* Do your assessments in a quiet, distraction free zone. Proper distraction free – not just closed doors between you and the 9 year old on Singstar (learnt the hard way)

* Don’t over do the caffeine (learnt the hard way)

* Talk to someone about what you’re learning, it helps cement the course work

* Have fun with it, and celebrate the successes!

And finally, don’t underestimate what you have to offer adult students have so much to offer in experience, wisdom and maturity – your knowledge is your biggest asset!

It’s so rewarding. Enjoy!


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