Community 101 – Pulling together (Nautical Quiz night)

If you wandered into the Te Totara School hall last night you’d have been forgiven for scratching your head in wonder at the room packed with Navy officers, ye olde pirates, modern day pirates, sailors, mermaids, sea men, semen (yes, actually), Sir Peter Blakes, jellyfish, a shark, a lifeguard and Spongebob Square pants.

It was a fabulous evening as the North Hamilton communities of Rototuna and Flagstaff pulled together to put on a wild, hilarious, naughty but fun Nautical themed quiz night to raise funds for a much needed playground for the newly built Endeavour Primary school.

By not too late on Friday night the venue looked amazing:


Photo credit: Victoria Brewerton


Photo credit: Victoria Brewerton

By 7pm the hall was packed to the gunnels, and buzzing.  Drinks were poured and the evening commenced.

There was quizzical quizzing, auctions, silent auctions, winners, losers and jokers.

It really hit home to me, from my spot on the wall as a table runner, we live in a truly unique and vibrant community – as summed up at the start of the night in the intro delivered by MC Dave Smart:

There are many things that bind us as a community.

Our kids all fall out of one house into the neighbour’s houses and back again every weekend, like we did when we were kids.

Our streets are safe to walk, bike and drive.

You can’t go to the supermarket without running into someone you know.

The only time we have traffic jams is in the morning at the flag staff roundabout, and every other time at the rototuna roundabout.

We pay more than everyone else in Hamilton for our petrol and our mcdonalds.

Everyone knows everybody. And that’s a good thing.

90 percent of our community’s dogs are smaller than cats.

Most of our kids will go to a high school that hasn’t even been built yet.

None of us can decide whether we should be members of the residents of rototuna or the residents of flagstaff facebook page so we’ve joined both.

And all our houses look the same.

What are we here for tonight? To raise funds for a new community playground based at Endeavour School.

Marcus Freke is the principal of Endeavour School, congratulations on a great school and awesome first year of education.  There is no doubt that you, your teachers and PTA are doing a fantastic job shaping young minds.

To the parents of the kids who attend Endeavour, your faith in Marcus and his team is clear, may you reap the benefits of your children getting a great start to their education.  Remember, your children choose your rest home, the better the jobs they get, the better it’s going to be for you when you’re old and decrepit.

The Endeavour Primary school PTA worked tirelessly alongside the North Hamilton Lions club to pull off an evening which went without a hitch, and was nothing but a huge success.

The team of volunteers that made it happen

The team of volunteers that made it happen

Congrats to all involved – that’s what it’s about – Community 101.


Photo credit: Victoria Brewerton


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