Rototuna North: Development, BMX playground or wasteland?

One thing about living in a place that is developing and under construction is the ever changing landscape. This area used to be part of Borman Road and will be once again, but until then it’s a pile of dirt – used by teenagers on the weekend evenings, families on bikes on the weekend days, and  as a dump in the middle of the night.


BMX tracks in the dirt


Looking South (ish) towards Moonlight Drive


Looking west towards Te Totara Primary and to the construction of the new Rototuna Junior High School


“This is not a dump” “If Isn’t clothes don’t leave it”


Road to nowhere. Mid section of Borman Rd, Rototuna


Green waste and construction remains

Hard to imagine that this will one day be a busy through road, that links to the new expressway. Till then it’s debatable who owns the land, and who is taking responsibility for its upkeep, and the kids will continue to bring their bikes to the yard.


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