See ya later 2016

I love January. The memory of Christmas, the summer, the warmth and the new year ahead full of promises. To me, this old handbag is the perfect metaphor for the year gone. It’s comfy, it also has pen marks underneath, and the fake-leather peeling on the straps and the back, it’s full of sand and I keep having to dust off my keys and wallet when I fish them out from the very bottom. I will be sad to see it go, it’s been on my side for a long time and they’ve been good times, but like 2016, it’s time to move on.

I’ve taken the tags off the new bag and it sits awkwardly on the ground, not quite so used to it’s own weight and waiting to be worn in. And there’s a pile of old receipts, lipsticks, hair ties and other random paraphernalia that may come with me to the new bag, or may get left behind with the old.


So much promise, so many good times ahead. See ya later 2016 – you old bag. Here’s to ’17 in all it’s shiny glory.



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