Phases of Summer

Today is the last Saturday of the school holidays. As another Christmas/Summer school break comes to an end we have moved into the final emotional stage “Thank Goodness School Goes Back Next Week”.

It’s interesting how the summer stretches on. At the end of the term last year the children were ready for a break. The bustle of Christmas rushing us along and they were tired, cranky, and ready for a break. They were hyped because of the guy in the big red suit. The adults otherwise engaged in preparations.

Afterwards, the inevitable post Christmas slump and a few days before New Year to recover, visit the beaches and enjoy BBQs (when the weather allowed).

Great celebrations at New Year with contemplation on the clean slate of the calendar ahead of us, and a week away at the beach (Raglan for us) with the only downside being that it had to come to an end.

There’s been heading back to work in the heat, juggling childcare, the kids arguing over their favourite holiday programme, and doing the rounds of the various attractions.

We live in a great city where there are so many things for the kids to do – visit a new destination playground each week, explore the Hamilton Gardens, wander through the leafy Hamilton Zoo, wade in the river, climb the Hakarimatas. We are so lucky.

But it’s been seven weeks and the bickering is back, the lunch boxes are ready, the stationery is sorted, the uniforms are clean and It’s Time.

I wish everyone the most peaceful long weekend out and a happy return to normality next week, when the long hazy holidays will be just a distant memory.


Exploring the aviary at Hamilton Zoo


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