Smart Spending in the Waikato*

As a parent, you’re always looking for ways to help the budget extend that much further. This post is dedicated to the number one way to save money on your Waikato Child’s wardrobe: the Chiefs Jersey. Also known in our house as our son’s “Weekend Uniform” it’s the only item of clothing that your child might need. Warm enough to keep them warm in winter (mostly) and cool enough to keep them cool in summer (mostly) it’s ideal for all situations: day wear, night wear, birthday party wear, sports wear, shopping wear, active wear, dinner wear, and mufti day at school wear. It doesn’t need as much washing as other items of clothing so it will be available at all times. It’s the perfect gift for any parent in the Waikato region. Better living everyone!

*Please note: this post was fact checked by my 9 year old son (pictured below) and he assures me it’s all true.

Modelling his favourite shirt in front of some of his idols wearing his favourite shirt

Chief, in his Chiefs jersey, with some Chiefs.


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