The Lifestyle of a Real Estate Agent

The lifestyle of an agent is pretty extreme. It’s an extraordinary career, and one that brings with it huge privilege and huge responsibility.

For me, the decision to become an agent was one that crept in slowly over time, noise as I made other life decisions, a whisper “you would LOVE to be a real estate agent”. After a cumulation of years the whispering became nagging. My youngest had just started school, the house was empty, and I started to look at my work, my career to date, and what lay ahead in my future.
At this point, you need to understand something about me. I love brainstorming charts. If there’s something on my mind, or something big, out comes a fresh sheet of A3 paper and a pack of felt pens, and I will create rainbow sheet after rainbow sheet and lay them all out in front of me.
I love houses
We had bought and marketed a few houses and could see first hand how important presentation and marketing is. Those wins were cool, the ‘buzz’ of doing well is addictive
I love people
And after years of working part time, and being the At Home parent, I was ready to engage. This job brings you in touch with people in many degrees, but my favourite is with the close connections you make along the way – the buyer who you take through multiple houses, the vendor who after their home has sold, you get to sit in their new kitchen sipping wine and just chatting. It’s a great job for people.
I love marketing and communications
After 15 years in radio and broadcasting, and latterly teaching those skills at tertiary level, I bring with me a unique knowledge and perspective on communication and targeting. While the move away from the main broadcasting centres had meant I had said goodbye to the broadcasting, there is still plenty of space in real estate to use those skills – and to use them to benefit my clients financially.
I love coffee (It’s true)
And sitting down with a coffee is a great way to break the ice, and to get to know my clients and customers better, and find out what they’re looking for, and what their perfect outcome might be.
A ‘typical day’ is hard to pin down as no two days look the same.
We have Agency business in the morning – meetings, listing run, admin/paperwork to file. Then the day opens up to appointments. They may be buyer appointments through a house (or several). They may be meeting a builder on site to let them through. It includes catching up on emails, writing up appraisals, presenting offers. Some days end at 4pm, others at 10.30pm. Open homes on the weekend, and the follow up after. It’s seven days a week, and the phone is a constant. It just takes one call to spark off a series of arrangements and phone calls and jumping in the car. We do a lot of driving, we make a lot of calls. And at the end of the day when the head hits the pillow it hits it hard, ready to start over again the next day.
It is an extraordinary career, and I am grateful every day to be a part of it.

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