How do you choose the agent for you?

Real estate is one of those topics that crop up in every day conversations, even in situations you don’t expect – like a cardiologist appointment (true story). I was party to one last week and while I sat back just listening to the different view points it was fascinating, and I thought I’d give it my best shot.

The question was “how do you choose the right real estate agent for you?”. If you don’t have someone in mind it can be a bit daunting. It’s a big decision, this is your biggest asset, your future. There are a few ways to choose, here are some that I’ve heard bandied around.


Years in the business

The idea: Old agents = experience, wisdom, maturity and a database of buyers. New agents are building a business and are passionate about what they do and eager to work hard for you for your listing.

The reality: If you look at sales statistics there are agents who get great results who have been in the business for decades, and there are agents who are brand new who get great results too. Likewise, there are some experienced agents who don’t, and new agents who don’t.

Number of listings

The idea: An agent with loads of listings is more popular and therefore more successful versus An agent with a handful of listings has more time to dedicate to your sale.

The reality: The most important sale to you will be your sale. The second most important will be your new purchase. The rest … won’t.

The team

The idea: The Team Agent -Lots of team members where everyone has a role to play in the sale of your home versus a single Agent – to be your agent and the consistent point of contact for you and your buyers alike.

The reality: the same number of buyers will come through your home, regardless of how many players there are in the background. Each agent and each team works differently and   how the communication works is key.

The Car

Sounds weird but it’s true! The idea: A flashy european car is a sign of success (Aston Martin, anyone?). Whereas, a non flashy, understated car is the agent that will work hard for you because they’re on the way up the ladder, or they’re not worried about frivolity.

The reality:  A car, like clothes, is a statement and probably means different things to different people!

The conclusion:

Really, your agent is going to be a vital point of contact for you, and you need to have confidence they’re giving you the best and most honest advice to the best of their capabilities. You’ll want someone competent and approachable. My advice: Keeping in mind you’re trusting this person with the marketing and buyer feedback and negotiations for your biggest asset and the next phase in your life’s journey – interview a few and go with the one that is the best fit for you. And good luck!